Caverion’s energy efficiency services

Energy efficiency is part of all of our services and solutions, both in service and maintenance and projects deliveries.



We offer a wide range of services and solutions that promote energy efficiency:

Energy-efficient building systems, the correct operation and maintenance of systems as well as building automation can reduce energy consumption in existing buildings by as much as 10–20%.

Demand-controlled ventilation and efficient heat recovery can reduce the energy consumption considerably, even in older buildings. And the energy efficiency of lighting can be improved by using LED lights or demand-controlled lighting, among others.

However, the majority of energy savings is achieved during operation and use. We scale, adjust and control systems to ensure correct conditions and efficient use of energy in the building. Service and maintenance ensures optimal performance and energy use of the systems.

Savings and predictable energy consumption through automation

Automation is an important factor in saving energy, because it controls the conditions in buildings. Customers can control and monitor the energy consumption in the building and use the available real-time condition dataflow from the remote monitoring system.

By connecting the building systems to Caverion’s 24/7 remote monitoring service, any deviations can be corrected and systems readjusted without delay, sometimes even using remote control. The monitoring data is useful for the planning of corrective measures.

Total deliveries of energy-saving projects attract interest in public sector

ESCO (Energy Service Company) and EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) are energy-saving contracts where Caverion guarantees the customer energy savings specified in the contract. We take on the overall responsibility for the planning, delivering, financing and maintenance of the energy savings investment during the contract period.

No initial investments are needed from the customer: The project is financed with the energy savings, which are typically split between the customer and Caverion. If the savings are not achieved, Caverion is responsible for the difference. The savings guarantee is one of our competitive strenghts, as few service providers can offer such a service.

The project starts with an energy use analysis. Our specialists analyse the consumption of heat, electricity and water in the building and inspect any detected deviations. On the basis of this analysis, we design corrective measures for the building, which typically include upgrading or adjustment of building systems and training related to their energy efficient use, among others. During the operational stage, we guarantee that the energy consumption is within the set limits. The total duration of the agreement may be up to twenty years.

There has been increasing demand for energy-saving projects particularly in the public sector. In 2013, we agreed on energy-saving project deliveries with Siilinjärvi municipality in Finland, the city of Beckum in Germany and Kalmar and Mora municipalities in Sweden, among others.

Public buildings, such as schools and offices, have significant potential for energy savings as they stand empty much of the time. Therefore It is possible to achieve savings by simply checking the performance of the building systems and connecting them to remote monitoring. Investments in energy-efficient building systems will further improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Technology for renewable energy

Along with rising energy prices, the need for energy-efficient heating of buildings and service water increases. We continuously develop new solutions related to the use of renewables, such as solar, wind and ground power and seawater cooling. In addition, we develop alternative heating methods, such as pellet-based solutions.

We have developed phase change materials (PCM) that turn into liquid or solid form depending on the temperature of the outside of the building. At the same time, they release or store large amounts of energy. These renewable materials reduce the need for coolers in buildings, considerably improving their energy efficiency.

Hi-tech of waste management

Caverion is a forerunner as a supplier of automatic waste collection systems. We have delivered Finland’s first vacuum waste collection system in Suurpelto, Espoo. In early 2014, similar system was operational in Jätkäsaari residential area in Helsinki, and another one is being built in Kalasatama area of the same city.

Using an underground pipe network, waste travels to the waste collection station. From there the waste is transported onwards and utilized as recycled material, incinerated for energy or turned into compost soil.

The residents sort out the waste and take them to the appropriate waste collection point located either in the yard or inside the house. The waste collection points empty themselves, automatically. traveling to the waste collection station to their designated waste containers. Trucks pick up the full containers from the station and transport the waste for further processing.

When fully operational, the vacuum system in Jätkäsaari will include approximately 165 waste collection stations and 10 kilometres of underground pipe network. About 19 tonnes daily travel through the system.

Caverion's delivery includes the design and installation of the system as well as the operation and maintenance services. The system can be connected to Caverion's control room for monitoring and control.


Energy-saving contracts in 2013:

The town of Beckum, Germany. A 12-year contract that aims for savings of 20% in the energy and water consumption in more than 50 buildings, including schools and public swimming pools, among others. ESCO agreement. Value of project EUR 4.8 million.

Kalmar municipality, Sweden. One of Sweden’s largest energy-saving projects; the customer is guaranteed savings of EUR 21 million during the guarantee period of 20 years. Includes upgrading of building systems in schools, day care centres and administrative buildings. The project employs up to 70 persons during the initial implementation phase of 2013−2016.

Siilinjärvi municipality, Finland. The project covers nine properties and involves upgrading of automation, modification of heating methods and the use of ground heat and LED lighting. The buildings will be connected to Caverion’s control room through remote monitoring.

Söderhamn municipality, Sweden. EPC energy-saving contract that covers a total of over 400 000 m2 in rental housing, schools, preschools and other municipal buildings. Starts in January 2014 with energy analysis, includes required investments in building systems as well as training of their correct operation.

Energy efficiency with guaranteed savings


Mora municipality has taken a step towards becoming one of the most energy-efficient municipalities in Sweden. 

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