Market position

Caverion is among Europe’s leading companies in building systems and industrial services.


Source: Management estimate

Caverion’s market position remained strong in 2013. Based on revenue, we were the sixth largest among European building systems companies. We also ranked among the five largest players in all the countries in which we are present.

In Finland and Norway we continued to be the largest and in Denmark we maintained our third position. In Sweden, we have ranked second or third over the past couple of years.

Our position in Germany has remained stable. After the acquisition of caverion GmbH in 2010, we became the second largest provider of building systems project deliveries in Germany. After the acquisition, we have focused on increasing our service and maintenance business in Germany. In 2013, Caverion was the fifth largest player in the field in Germany, taking into account both the project business and the service and maintenance market.

Germany is the largest market area

In 2013, the size of the target markets in our operating countries totalled more than EUR 70 billion.

Germany was clearly our largest market in 2013, equalling the combined size of the Nordic market. Therefore, our largest potential for growth is in Germany, based on the size of the market alone, among others.

Fragmented market offers growth potential

The European building systems market is very fragmented. Most players in the field are smaller companies with only a few dozen employees and a relatively limited range of services. The fragmented market provides opportunities for growth, particularly in German-speaking areas.