Market development and outlook

Demand for building systems and services in the market continues to be stable and even increases in some countries. This will provide Caverion with opportunities for growth.


Caverion is present in 13 countries in Northern and Central Europe. Extensive geographical presence and a wide range of services consisting of both project deliveries and service and maintenance balance the effects of changes in the general economic situation.

Market development in 2013

The general uncertainty in the global economy continued in 2013. However, the market situation for building systems and services remained stable.

Demand for service and maintenance remained stable

Stable demand for service and maintenance continued throughout the year in all Caverion’s operating countries. Due to the uncertain economic situation, customers especially in Finland and Sweden carried out only the most necessary work related to securing the continuity of their core business and postponed additional service and maintenance work not included in the service agreements.

Demand for energy efficiency services continued to be stable, due to stricter legislation and increasing energy prices, among others. In Sweden, the demand for technical facility services and energy efficiency services developed well. In Russia, the market for service and maintenance continued to grow further. In the Baltic countries, demand remained at a low level.

Positive signs emerging in new investments

In Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria, the market situation for new investments was relatively good in 2013.

In Sweden, the project business market developed relatively well and improved towards the rest of the year, despite the weaker prospects in the beginning of the year. In Finland, demand in the non-residential construction market remained low, and the decline continued towards the rest of the year. In Norway, demand in the project market was good throughout the year. In Denmark, development of the project market was slow with a low level of activity.

In Russia, the project market remained stable, but in the Baltic countries demand remained at a low level.

In Central Europe, demand remained favourable and uncertainty in the project market eased in Germany and in Austria. Decision-making on new investments was still slow, but positive signs were emerging. After stagnation in 2012 new building system investments grew in 2013. The building systems market in the rest of Central Eastern Europe developed slowly with a low level of activity.

The demand for outsourced industrial maintenance picked up

In 2013, the demand in the industrial project market remainded at a low level in Finland and Sweden. This also had an impact on the demand for industrial maintenance. However, demand for outsourcings improved in the market.

Market outlook for 2014

Market oulook for Caverion´s business

Short-term prospects in Caverion's operating countries