Industrial services market

Caverion is the leading industrial service company in Finland, operating in all branches of industry, including the energy, forest, mining, process and marine industries, among others.


Caverion is the market leader in Finland in industrial maintenance and industrial project deliveries. We are also one of the leading providers of industrial services in Sweden. We have special expertise in high-pressure pipelines, in which we are the market leader in Northern Europe.

In 2013, the size of the industrial services target market was EUR 2.3 billion in Finland and EUR 3.8 billion in Sweden.

Our largest customer segments are the forest industry (approx. 30%), energy industry (approx. 20%) and chemical industry (approx. 15%). The share of the forest industry has decreased in recent years, while the share of the energy and petrochemical industry has increased.


Our most important competitors in Finland include Maintpartner, BIS Production Partner (Bilfinger Industrial Services), Empower and ABB Service. In addition, there are small local players in the market.

Megatrends supporting the demand

Megatrends that support demand for industrial services include global transfers of production, the reducing amount of clean water and the objectives to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is highly valued, and waste is increasingly being used as an energy source.

Market development in 2013

In 2013, the demand in the industrial project market remained at a low level in Finland and Sweden. This also had an impact on the demand for industrial maintenance. However, demand for outsourced industrial maintenance improved in the market.