Wide, new and advanced projects and services

We develop our energy efficiency services and remote monitoring of buildings and focus on our technological expertise.


Caverion’s main strengths are related to special technological expertise and comprehensive services that cover all areas of building systems throughout the property’s life cycle.

In the future, we aim to exploit the full potential of this expertise. We focus on business that provides customers with genuine added value, such as energy efficiency services and remote monitoring of buildings.

Forerunner in energy efficiency services

We have good potential for organic growth, particularly due to increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions in the market.Our target is to strengthen our position as a forerunner and develop energy efficiency in all our services, both in project business and service and maintenance.

Utilising the full potential of digitalisation

Automation and remote monitoring of building systems is central to improving the energy efficiency of properties. Round-the-clock remote monitoring can considerably increase the efficiency of energy consumption in properties and achieve cost savings as unnecessary service visits can be eliminated.

Today, Caverion’s control room services cover approximately 10,000 properties in six countries, and we are planning to further expand these services. For instance, we aim to use the condition data collected from remote monitoring more efficiently to improve the services we provide to our customers.

Continuous product development

Continuous product development and own solutions are crucial for the success of our business and we will keep investing in them. Our R&D centre in Aachen, Germany, specialises in the development of advanced products related to ventilation, cooling and heating. We also develop solutions for the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.