Strict criteria for acquisitions

The main criteria for acquisitions include potential for profitability turnaround, strategic compatibility and the opportunities to strengthen our presence in Central Europe.


Each year, Caverion scans up to 100 potential acquisition targets as part of its normal process.

Instead of acquiring equipment or premises, we first and foremost focus on purchasing competence. We look for companies that can complement our competence in service and maintenance and in advanced building systems, such as automation or cooling.

We look for companies with a broad customer base. The price must be right and the company must have potential for profitability improvement.

We focus on large companies with revenue typically over EUR 200 million. In addition, we also make smaller acquisitions. However, recruitment is often a better alternative than an acquisition when looking for the necessary competence.


Acquisition criteria

    Good strategic fit (geographical coverage, business portfolio, customer sectors)
  • Complementary skills and resources
  • Business culture
  • Value creation potential
  • Potential for profitability turnaround
  • Strong local market position