Aiming for a more efficient service process

The principle for service efficiency is that we aim for the work that is done at once and within target time and costs.


Improving profitability is Caverion’s priority in the strategy period of 2014−2016. We are targetting EBITDA of more than 6% of the revenue by the end of the strategy period by means such as improving the efficiency of the service process. In 2013, we focused on the improving the profitability particularly in Northern Europe, where our efficiency improvement measures had a positive impact on profitability. 

New solutions and more efficient invoicing

In an efficient service process, we aim for the work that is done at the first customer visit and withing the target time and costs.

In 2013, we created common processes and tools for resource planning and scheduling, among others. Reporting from the field was facilitated by expanding the use of mobile solutions. In addition, we improved the efficiency of invoicing, and paid attention to the monitoring of lead times, the duration and quality of work, additional sales and customer satisfaction.