Caverion's competitive advantages in service and maintenance

  •  We offer comprehensive services, covering all areas of building systems throughout the life cycle of the property, from design of the system to its delivery and maintenance.
  • We are close to our customers in 13 countries. 250 locations ensure swift service and fast response times 24/7.
  • Caverion provides advanced building automation, remote monitoring and control room services. Such special expertise is not widely available on the market, even though demand for it is expected to grow.
  • Our human resources largely consist of our own employees, which guarantees a high standard of service in all circumstances.
  •  The aspect of energy efficiency is always integrated into Caverion’s services, and we seek to include it in all service agreements.

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Life cycle project stretches into 2040


The renovation and expansion of the Lintuvaara school and day care centre in Espoo, Finland, will start in 2014. After delivering the building systems, we are responsible for the maintenance of the properties during the 25-year life cycle period.

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