Service and maintenance
of building systems

Our services cover all building systems and range from individual service measures to comprehensive property maintenance and facility management.


Highlights in 2013

  • The Group revenue in service and maintenance business decreased by 9% in 2013. Demand remained relatively stable in all of our operating countries. Due to the uncertain economic circumstances, customers focused on carrying out the most necessary service related to securing the continuity of their core business and postponed additional service and maintenance work that was not included in the service agreements. As a result, service and maintenance revenue decreased in Northern Europe.
  • In Central Europe, the revenue grew by 7% from the previous year and the share of service and maintenance increased according to our plan. In 2013 approximately 38% of revenue in Central Europe came from service and maintenance (2012: 31%). The possibilities for growing service and maintenance remain favorable in Central Europe, as its share of business is still low compared to Northern Europe.
  • Approximately one third of Group service and maintenance revenue came from long-term service agreements. Our aim is to increase their share by developing our service concepts and services related to remote monitoring of properties, among others. In 2013 our ServiFlex concept was offered in all of our operating countries, and the development of our facility management concept progressed as well. Furthermore, we initiated the conceptualisation of other maintenance services. A total of approximately 10,000 properties in six countries were connected to Caverion’s remote monitoring service, operational 24/7.
  • We aim to constantly improve the efficiency of our service operations. In 2013, we focused on improving profitability particularly in the Nordic countries. We developed processes and tools for the advance planning of work, expanded the use of mobile devices for the reporting in the field and improved the efficiency of invoicing. In addition, we paid attention to the monitoring of lead times and additional sales.
  • In 2014, we estimate the opportunities to grow service and maintenance business to remain favorable in all Caverion’s operating areas. Demand for energy efficiency services is expected to remain stable. In the years to come, tightening environmental legislation and remote monitoring of buildings will generate further potential for growth.

New agreements

Lintuvaara school and day care centre, Espoo, Finland. Delivery of building systems and service followed by maintenance agreement for 25 years in accordance with the life cycle model. Value of the agreement: EUR 16 million.
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Holmen Paper, Braviken, Sweden. Facility management of the production facilities and office premises of the paper mill and maintenance of external areas. Agreement period: 3 years.

Burger King restaurants, St Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Extension of the service and maintenance collaboration to cover more than 70 restaurants.

Bank of Finland, premises in Helsinki and Vantaa, Finland. Service and maintenance of the heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical and automation systems; improvement of energy efficiency.

Helsinborg municipality, Sweden. Facility management covering more than a hundred buildings. Agreement period: 3 years.






EUR million



of Group revenue

Share of revenue in Northern Europe


(2012: 63%)

Share of revenue in Central Europe


(2012: 31%)