Arrowhead technology

We have special expertise in technologies for demanding properties and in energy-efficient solutions.


Our arrowhead competencies include clean room technology, cooling, building automation, security and fire safety systems.

Continuous product development and own products are essential for our business; we are investing even more than before in this area. Our research and development centre in Aachen, Germany, specialises in the development of advanced products related to ventilation, cooling and heating. In the test stations of the centre we can simulate the functioning of building systems in demanding properties, such as operating theatres, laboratories and large exhibition halls.

Solutions for utilising renewable sources of energy

We want to help our customers improve their energy efficiency. Our energy efficiency projects often include both the delivery of the building systems and service and maintenance.

We have own product development in technological solutions related to renewable energy sources and competence in seawater cooling, solar and wind power, among others.

We have developed our own products and solutions based on phase change materials (PCM) that reduce the need for coolers and considerably improve the building’s energy efficiency. PMC materials turn to liquid or solid depending on the temperature in and outside the building. At the same time, they release or store large amounts of energy.


Some of our own products and brands:

  • LuxCool and KlimaTak are suspended ceiling elements that integrate all the technology needed for office premises: lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and their adjustment and control.
  • The Krantz brand develops,designs, manufactures and distributes throughout the world air distribution systems, cooling and heating systems, among others. It also offers clean air solutions for the reduction of operation-related emissions in properties such as laboratories and nuclear power plants. 

Advanced technology for a hospital


We are delivering a wide range of building systems for the second construction phase of the Jena University Hospital, one of the largest hospital projects in Germany.

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Energy efficiency services