Project business

We design and deliver building systems for both new and existing properties. The scope of our deliveries varies from individual solutions to total deliveries, covering all technology in the property.


Highlights in 2013

  •  Due to the challenging general economic environment, customers continued to be slow in decision-making, but positive signs could nevertheless be seen in the market for building systems project deliveries. Uncertainty in the market eased in Germany and Austria, in particular. 
  • The Group revenue in project business decreased by 10 percent compared to the previous year. The revenue decreased mainly in Central Europe,
    especially due to postponements in German project start-ups. However, we expect the improved order backlog in Germany in 2013 to contribute favorably to the revenue development during the first half of 2014.
  • In Northern Europe, we have selected new projects with more careful consideration for profitability and risks. This had a positive effect on profitability, but at the same time decreased our revenue.
  •  Our goal is to increase the share of total deliveries of building systems and Design & Build projects. In 2013, Design & Build projects accounted for approximately one third of our project business revenue. 
     We developed our project business expertise, tools and processes more strongly across the country borders. Our goal is to introduce common tools and processes for project design and planning as well as project management, among others.
  • We estimate that in 2014 decision-making on new investments is still slow, but positive signs can be seen. New investments in building systems are expected to increase slightly. The growing public investments and the need for renovation and repair work are expected to be the key factors behind the growth. High energy costs and tightening legislation support the demand for energy-efficient building solutions.

New agreements

Jena University Hospital, Germany. Total delivery of building systems as a Design & Build project, including HVAC systems for the operating theatres and laboratories, among others. Contract value: approx. EUR 30 million.

Franz-Josef Strauss Airport, Munich, Germany. Heating and cooling systems, sanitation, fire extinguishing technology and electrical engineering for the expansion of the airport. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent compared with the current terminals. Contract value: EUR 35 million.
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Forum Hanau shopping centre, Germany. HVAC systems, sprinklers, electrics and building automation. A Design & Build project. Contract value: EUR 17 million.

Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany. General contractor for the new building of the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments. Several building systems, including clean room technology. Includes service and maintenance. Contract value: EUR 10 million.

Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH, Vienna, Austria.
Several building systems for the new SPACE data centre, including energy efficient refrigeration systems in server rooms. Contract value: EUR 8.5 million.

Stockholm City Line, Sweden. Power, lighting and automation at the Odenplan station and railway section. Contract value: EUR 7.5 million.
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VVO’s residential building in Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland. Total delivery of building systems (heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical installations and automation) as a Design & Build project. Energy efficiency. Automatic demand-controlled ventilation. Utilisation of solar power. Contract value: EUR 4 million.
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K29 business centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. Design and installation of HVAC and firefighting systems, building automation. Design & Build project. Contract value: EUR 4 million.

SINTEF Energy Laboratory, Trondheim, Norway. Total delivery of building systems (design and installation). Contract value: EUR 2.75 million.



EUR million

Share of Group revenue


Share of revenue in Northern Europe


(2012: 37%)

Share of revenue in Central Europe


(2012: 69%)


Advanced technology for a hospital


By delivering a wide range of building systems for the Jena University Hospital, we are participating in one of the largest hospital construction projects in Germany.

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