Caverion´s competitive advantages

  • Proven expertise in industrial production processes and manufacturing and installation techniques
  • Through knowledge of industrial plants and service outlets located in close proximity to customers
  • An extensive range of services, covering the production plant´s entire life cycle: design of technical systems, material deliveries, prefabrication at our own workshops, installation as well as service and maintenance


Business model and goals

We aim to develop our concepts for industrial maintenance and to increase the number of extensive service contracts.


Our mission is to help our customers improve the efficiency of production throughout industrial plant’s lifecycle. In 2013, 38% of the revenue in our industrial services came from project deliveries of technical systems and processes, while their service and maintenance accounted for 62% of the revenue.

Industrial services accounted for approximately 10% of the total revenue of Caverion Group. Its financial development was reported as part of the Building Services Northern Europe segment.

An extensive service chain is our key strength

Caverion has solid process expertise in industrial services. The key competitive advantage is an extensive service chain, covering design, material deliveries, prefabrication at our own workshops, installation as well as service and maintenance. Our service range is one of the largest in the Finnish market.

We provide services for all fields of industry. Our largest customer segments are the forest industry and the energy industry.

Even though the share of the forest industry has considerably decreased in recent years, there is still a need for maintenance and modernisation projects. On the other hand, emission restrictions enforced by the EU, increased energy consumption and ageing power plants will provide opportunities for growth in the future in the European energy sector. There is potential demand also in the mining, metal and chemical industries.

The stable industrial maintenance market balances our business in industrial services. Our business is cyclical in nature. Summer is clearly the high season for us, due to maintenance shutdowns in industry.

Comprehensive maintenance and outsourcing

Our industrial service and maintenance covers customers’ all needs from individual assignments, such as valve maintenance or boiler repair, to comprehensive maintenance of production processes and outsourcing services.

Caverion has developed the ServiFlex concept for industrial maintenance. Customers can choose from approximately 50 different services representing six technical fields to compose an optimal package, under one agreement. Maintenance focuses on the prevention of problems and helps customers foresee their costs. Detailed service descriptions and standardised services guarantee high quality.

A maintenance partnership is strategic cooperation, in which the operations in the customer’s plant is developed and efficiency is improved. We take on the overall responsibility for maintenance, including its development,in accordance with jointly agreed goals. In addition, we are in charge of the supplier and subcontractor network.

In 1997, we established a joint industrial maintenance company with Metsä Fibre. This company, Botnia Mill Service,  is today responsible for comprehensive maintenance of Metsä Fibre’s four pulp mills.

Maintenance outsourcing services generate a steady cash flow, thus reducing susceptibility to the effects of economic cycles. In 2013, we initiated operations at many new sites, including Altia’s Koskenkorva plant, UPM’s sawmills in Alholma and Korkeakoski, hydropower plants of Pohjolan Voima and Kemijoki Oy and the Äänevoima power plant.

Market leader in high pressure pipelines in Northern Europe

Industrial project deliveries are based on special expertise in design and extensive industrial prefabrication in our own workshops. Prefabrication improves the efficiency of installation work on site, ensures uniform quality and improves technicians’ safety at work.

We manufacture prefabricates in three workshops in Finland. In addition, we have units to support local service that manufacture piping, tank and boiler prefabricates to be delivered to projects around the world. In addition, Caverion supplies industrial plants with building systems, such as electrical, automation and ventilation systems. 

Service and maintenance


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Project deliveries


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