Industrial services

We provide industrial services mainly in Finland and Sweden. Our services include project deliveries of technical systems and processes for industry, as well as their service and maintenance. We also deliver prefabricates worldwide.


Highlights of 2013

  • In recent years, industrial investments have decreased and seasonal fluctuations of demand have increased. Tight competition continued in the market in 2013, particularly in project deliveries.
    Despite the challenging market conditions, demand for industrial maintenance was relatively stable. The market for outsourcing of maintenance picked up. We signed outsourcing agreements for many new sites, including Altia’s Koskenkorva plant, UPM’s sawmills in Alholma and Korkeakoski, hydropower plants for Pohjolan Voima and Kemijoki Oy and Metsä-Fibre’s Äänevoima power plant.
  • We expanded our ServiFlex service range. Our customers can now include approximately 50 different industrial services in one service agreement.
  • We invested in occupational safety: occupational safety observation, identification of risks and elimination of dangerous working methods.
  • The organisation of Industrial Services changed as of the beginning of 2014: in Sweden, mechanical industrial installation and maintenance were included as part of the new company Caverion Industria Sverige AB. Electric automation services for industry were included as part of Caverion Finland. This unifies our service structure in Finland and Sweden and strengthens Caverion’s services for industry in Sweden.


New agreements

Altia, Koskenkorva, Finland. Outsourcing of service and maintenance at the Koskenkorva plant.

Kemijoki Oy, Finland. Outsourcing of the operation and maintenance of 16 hydropower plants. Under the agreement, approximately 80 employees of will transfer to Caverion in March 2014.

Metsä Fibre, Äänekoski, Finland. The maintenance partnership agreement for the Äänekoski pulp mill was extended to cover maintenance of processes and process equipment at the bio power plant.

Neste Oil, Porvoo and Naantali, Finland. Heat exchanger maintenance services in the Neste Oil refineries in Porvoo and Naantali during operation and unit shutdowns. Three-year contract.

PVO-Vesivoima, Finland. Partnership agreement on the outsourcing of operation and maintenance at PVO Vesivoima’s hydropower plants in Northern Finland.

Peab, Linköping, Sweden. Total delivery of electrical, telecommunications, ventilation and heating installations at the new heating plant in Linköping, Sweden. The value of the order is approximately EUR 7 million.

Running a hydropower plant with skill


PVO Vesivoima has 12 hydropower plants in Finland, of which Caverion is operating seven under a partnership agreement

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