In 2013 approximately 55% of the revenue came from service and maintenance and 45% from project deliveries.


Caverion designs, builds and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants.  



Business operations and services

Our business operations are divided into building systems and industrial services. In both of them, we provide project deliveries and service and maintenance.

  • The majority of Caverion’s revenue for 2013 came from building systems that we provide in all of our operating countries. These services cover the design and installation of building systems and their service, maintenance and facility management. 
    Caverion provides industrial services mainly in Finland and Sweden. Industrial Services include project deliveries of technical systems and processes to industry, as well as their service and maintenance. 
  • We continuously develop our products and services in order to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Energy efficiency is incorporated in all of our services. 

Our services




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